Education and Early Childhood Development

Corporate Services Branch - Financial Services Division

Departmental Controller Don Stapleton 729-5168


Manager of Budgeting Tracy Stamp 729-5169
Financial Analyst Steve Barron 729-0316
Organizational Budget Analyst Mark Vardy 729-5956

Finance & School Transportation

Manager of Finance & School Transportation David Ross 729-4098
Departmental Program Coordinator Angela Lefeuvre 729-4047
Clerk Typist III Susan Lacey  729-5428
Department Receptionist Selena Murphy 729-5097

Teachers' Payroll

Manager of Teachers' Payroll Ross Tansley 729-0343
Assistant Manager of Teacher's Payroll Carolyn Smith 729-1535
Program Coordinator Angie Mulcahy 729-6835
Program Coordinator Sharon Welcher 729-6834
Administrative Officer Ann Marie Kinsella 729-2993
Teacher's Payroll Service Centre  729-2996
Payroll Officers
Gertrude Lynch 729-3976
Lori Gibbons 729-3863
Deanne Normore 729-6933
Denise Hayward 729-5420
Pamela Durrant 729-5355
Judy Howlett 729-5018
Kayla Terry 729-4976
Stephen Oliver 729-4179
Sean Stewart 729-4179


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