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KinderStart/Bon départ

KinderStart is a school transition program offered in the year prior to Kindergarten entry. The program consists of five to ten one-hour orientation sessions organized and promoted at the school level for children and their parents/caregivers. The sessions support children's adjustment to the school environment, and provide parents/caregivers with information on how to support their children's learning at home.

During the first KinderStart session, children and their parents/caregivers are provided with a bag of learning resources and suggestions for home activities.

Registration for KinderStart is automatic when parents/caregivers register their child for Kindergarten at their designated school.

Registration takes place in the calendar year a child becomes four years of age. Parents/caregivers should watch their local newspapers and school newsletters for more details regarding Kindergarten registration in their area. Parents who have questions regarding KinderStart registration should contact their school district.

School principals notify parents/caregivers of the times of all KinderStart sessions in the fall of the given school year. A parent/caregiver session is held to provide a program overview and help parents prepare for their child's first school year.

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KinderStart Calendar/Calendrier Bon départ

The Division of Early Childhood Learning developed an 18 month calendar that was provided to all 2011-12 KinderStart students and teachers. This initiative has received very positive feedback and has been implemented during the 2012-13, 2013-14 and now the 2014-15 KinderStart year.

Children will receive their calendar from their teacher during a KinderStart session at the school where they are currently enrolled.

KinderStart Partnership with Public Libraries

There are 96 public libraries located throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and most offer preschool programs. They also have an excellent collection of children's books, videos and magazines. For more information on the programs, materials and hours of operation, visit the public libraries website www.nlpl.ca or call the nearest library at the number listed under libraries in the Yellow Pages.

The KinderStart Program and Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries have a partnership whereby KinderStart children receive two FREE books. Simply find the ‘Free Books' Coupon in your child's KinderStart bag and visit your local library with your child so that he/she may receive their free books. During your visit, your child can visit the children's section of the library, get their very own library card and learn about children's story-time programs that may be offered. If you are unable to visit a local library because of distance or other exceptional circumstance, contact the library nearest you to discuss how your child may receive their FREE books.

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