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Alternate Format Materials Application for Initial Student Access Word (107 KB)

Alternate Format Materials Application for Previously Approved Students Word (96 KB)

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Appropriate Alternate Format PDF (325 KB)

AFM Order Forms

  • Student has a an exceptionality (as defined by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) and a perceptual disability (as defined by the Canadian Copyright Act) which result in difficulty reading print materials.
  • The student’s Record of Accommodations/Adaptations indicates that he or she requires alternate format materials.
  • To be completed by a Guidance Counselor or an Educational Psychologist.
  • Download and complete appropriate order form and attach to application (originals only)
Alternate Transportation Guidelines and Application PDF
  • Student requires alternate transportation as determined by the IEP/ISSP team with medical support as per alternate Transportation Guidelines outlined on the application form
  • To be completed by the school as part of service delivery team planning
Assistive Technology Application
  • Student has an exceptionality which requires the use of assistive technology, either low tech or high tech, and the program planning team is seeking to obtain such technology from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Determination made through process documented in Using Technology to Enhance A Student’s Differing Abilities
  • To be completed by members of the student’s program planning team
Application for Home Tutoring Services PDF
  • Student is away from school for short term (1 to 2 months) medical reasons and meets the criteria outlined on the application form
  • To be completed by the school
Home Tutoring Services - Application for Fee PDF
  • Used to request payment for the tutor assigned to a student through Home Tutoring Services
  • To be completed by the school administrator
HUSHUPS Application PDF

Listening Environment Profile PDF
  • To be completed by Teacher for Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH)
  • An application for HUSHUPS must be accompanied by a Listening Environment Profile
Student Bursary
  • Student is eligible to receive a bursary to attend another school outside of their community in order to receive sufficient credits for high school graduation
Student Profile for Student Assistant PDF (67 KB)
  • Criteria to be considered when requesting a student assistant to work with a particular student
  • To be completed by the school

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