Education and Early Childhood Development


A child who is five years of age on December 31 in a school year may be enrolled in Kindergarten. There are 475 instructional hours allocated in a school year for Kindergarten, with a minimum of 2.5 hours per school day. Schedules for morning and/or afternoon attendance vary among schools. There is a class size limit of 20 students for Kindergarten. Kindergarten is not compulsory in Newfoundland and Labrador. A child must start a school year when he/she is six years of age on December 31.

Registration takes place in the calendar year in which a child becomes four years of age before January 1. The date of registration for English and Early French Immersion is set by the school districts. Parents/caregivers register their child in their neighbourhood school, or the school closest to their place of residence. Once the child is registered for Kindergarten, they are automatically registered for KinderStart for the current school year. Advanced notification of registration dates will occur through district web sites and through the public media since they vary from school to school. Contact your school district office for registration dates.

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