Education and Early Childhood Development

Application Process

The graphic below outlines the process for applying for Assistive Technology (AT).

Key points include:

  • All applications must be accompanied by a summary of a 30 calendar trial of the technology. The summary should be student-specific and detail the device and software used, the subject areas where it was employed, and the observed differences it made for the student. This might include changes in work quantity and/or quality, student attitude, willingness to share and collaborate, changes in independence and self-esteem, etc. The summary should highlight what the student can do (more easily, in less time, with less frustration, etc.) than could be accomplished without the technology.
  • Applications, including all relevant attachments, should be forwarded to the district program specialist or itinerant for Student Support Services attached to your school.
  • May 15 is the deadline for applying for AT in order for it to be deployed for the following September.
  • No AT will be deployed to schools after April 30. Technology and applications received after that date will be processed for deployment in September.

Application Process Flowchart

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