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Required Attachments

Applications for various technology will require different attachments.

The list below identifies and links to the attachments required to be submitted with an application for the device indicated.

Are you having trouble opening these forms? - Notes about Fillable PDF Forms

Several of the forms below are available in PDF fill-in-the blank format. It is recommended that you use Acrobat® Reader to complete the form(s). Using Acrobat® Reader will ensure that the information you enter on the form(s) is saved in the correct format.

These form(s) can be filled out electronically or can be printed and filled out by hand.

If you are having trouble filling out/saving/printing the form(s), please follow the steps below which explain how to save the file to your computer/device and complete it using Acrobat® Reader.

  • Right-click on the link to the form and select “Save target as” or “Save link as” (wording may be different depending on the browser being used).
  • Select a location on your computer/device to save the PDF.
  • Open the PDF from the saved location using Acrobat® Reader. If you cannot open the PDF, or you require a newer version of Acrobat® Reader you can Download Acrobat Reader for free (opens in new window).
  • Fill out the form (note: If you prefer to print the form and fill it out by hand, print it now).
  • Click the Save button in Acrobat® Reader.
  • Print the form if necessary.


iPad and iPad mini:

Personal FM System:

Read and Write for Google

Sound Field System:

Windows-Based Tablets (Surface):

Evergreening (Replacement of Existing Device):

NOTE: no new trial forms are required for evergreening applications

Other Technology:

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