Education and Early Childhood Development

K-12 Education and Early Childhood Development - Programs and Services Division

Director Mr. Bradley Clarke 729-3004
Administrative Support Karen Reid 729-3034
Program & Policy Development Specialist Sheldon Antle 729-2549
Legislation and Research Policy Consultant Charlotte Strong 729-7831
Program Development Specialist
(School Development and School Councils)
Patricia Emberley 729-6850

Student Support Services

Manager of Student Support Services Bernie Ottenheimer 729-3023
Secretary Sheila King 729-3023
Student Support Services
Alternate Format Materials
Christine Sheppard 729-3691
Auditory Verbal Therapy
Andrea Hawley 729-0709
Inclusive Education
Jackie Fewer-Bennett 729-3012
Autism Spectrum Disorders;
Speech - Language Pathology

Paulette Jackman 729-5431
Safe & Caring Schools
Rhonda McKinnon 729-6779
Specific Learning Disorder
Anna Powell
Gifted and Talented Education
Sharon Whalen 729-3592
Specific Learning Disorder
Carolyn Wheeler Scott 729-2901
Educational Audiologist
Bernadine Kielley 364-1234
Mental Wellness
Melanie Fudge 729-3249
Administrative Support Marilyn Sheppard 729-6450
Linda Collins - 729-5385
Alternate Format Materials
Tina Loveless 729-3008

Program Development

Administrative Support Michelle Strang 729-3004


Manager of Curriculum Joanne Hogan 729-2440
Administrative Support Heather Short 729-2440
Finances Bill Donnelly 729-2739

Program Development Specialists

Indigenous Education Tom Mugford 729-3817
English Language Arts (K-6) Michelle Power 729-1840
English Language Arts (10-12) Regina North 729-7664
Fine Arts (K-12) Mary Dinn 729-7421
Gifted Education (Joint Appointment) Sharon Whalen 729-3592
Health, Home Economics, Family Studies & Physical Education (K-12) Ellen Coady 729-6051
Mathematics (K-12) Nicole Bishop, 729-0028
Religious Education (K-12)/English Language Arts(7-9) Jill Handrigan 729-0157
Science (K-12) Todd Woodland 729-4094
Social Studies (K-12) Darryl Fillier 729-5187
Skilled Trades/Technology and Career Education (K-12) Scott Blundon 729-1791
Technology Education (K-12) Tony Hillier 729-6079
Administrative Support Ruby Pennell 729-3769

Language Programs/Section des Programmes de langues

Program Development Specialists
Gennita Bartlett 729-5127
Scott Hewlett 729-0298
Suzelle Lavallée 729-6236
Megan Hatch 729-5657 
Evaluation & Research/Evaluation et
Jennifer Clarke 729-3778 
Federal-Provincial Programs/Programmes fédéraux-provinciaux Renee Keough 729-0562
Policy Planning and Research Analyst / Analyste - politique,
plantification et recherche
Emanuela Mascarin - 729-6041
School Trips, Bursaries and Fellowships/ Voyages et Bourses Brigitte Allain 729-2741
Finances/finances Debbie Webster 729-6604

Learning Resources Distribution Centre

Manager Rosemary Kelly 729-3176
Orders and Inquiries
Phone: 729-4259

Accounts Receivable

Cash Sales and Accounts Janice Roberts 729-4938
Elaine Jackman 729-4259  


Warehouse Supervisor Steve Antle 729-1052
Storekeeper I Darryl Pike, 729-6369 


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