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School Board Transition

Progress Update (July 9 & 13, 2013)

The School Board Transition Committee held its sixth and seventh meetings via teleconference on Tuesday, July 9 and Saturday, July 13. All committee members were present with the exception of Nada Borden from Western (July 9), Kim Cheeks from Nova Central (July 9, July 13) and Janet Vivian-Walsh, Deputy Minister of Education (July 13), who sent regrets. The CEO-designate of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, Darrin Pike, was present, along with ex-offio member Ed Walsh (Assistant Deputy Minister, Primary, Elementary, Secondary Education).

Staffing Committee Report – CEO-designate Darrin Pike

The purpose of the meetings was to report on the recommendations for executive positions and to review the official name and logo models for the new school district.

The Staffing Committee members were: Lorne Wheeler, Transition Committee Chair; Darrin Pike, CEO-designate; Karen Ellis, Human Resources Secretariat, and Janet Vivian-Walsh, Deputy Minister of Education.

The successful candidates are:

  • Associate Director of Education (Programs) HQ - Mr. Jeff Thompson
  • Assistant Director of Education (Programs) Eastern Region - Ms. Lucy Warren
  • Assistant Director of Education (Programs) Central Region - Mr. Bronson Collins
  • Assistant Director of Education (Programs) Western Region - Mr. George Keeping
  • Assistant Director of Education (Programs) Labrador Region - Ms. Fiona Frawley
  • Assistant Director of Education (Finance and Administration) HQ - Mr. Larry Blanchard
  • Assistant Director of Education (Human Resources) HQ - Mr. Gerald Buffett
  • Assistant Director of Education (Operations) HQ - Mr. Anthony Stack

This information was shared with the staff of the current school districts, posted on the Transition Committee webpage, and reported in the media.

District Name and Logo

After discussion on suggestions for the new district name and logo, there was a consensus on a model, and on the name - the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. A district slogan will be added to the logo design.

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