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School Board Transition

Progress Update (July 31, 2013)

The School Board Transition Committee held its eighth meeting via teleconference on Wednesday, July 31. All committee members were present with the exception of ex-offio member Ed Walsh (Assistant Deputy Minister, Primary, Elementary, Secondary Education), who sent regrets. The CEO-designate of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, Darrin Pike, was present, along with ex-offio member Janet Vivian Walsh (Deputy Minister of Education).

Update on the Human Resources Process (CEO-Designate)

The meeting focused on the organizational structure for staffing for executive, finance, busing, operations, human resources and programs for the new provincial English School District.

  • Where a position exists from a previous district, continues in the English District, and there is only one incumbent, that individual will be appointed.
  • Where positions have been eliminated in a division, the district will seek expressions of interest and conduct interviews to fill the remaining, similar positions.
  • Where a position exists currently and carries over into the new district - but there is more than one potential candidate, seek an expression of interest from those currently in these positions for the remaining positions in the new district. Where there is more than one candidate for any given position, conduct interviews and make a selection for the remaining positions.

Changes in position descriptions, reclassifications and position titles will be dealt with later in the year.

Transition Support

The CEO-designate noted there will be additional support staff requirements for September, particularly in the areas of Information Technology (to facilitate transition) and secretarial support in regional offices/schools where satellite office board staff have been accommodated. It was agreed that given the additional regional requirements, particularly in the short-term, the transition committee would seek government approval to use district funding to support those needs.

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