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Public Exam Schedules / Horaire des Examens Publics

Public Exam Marking Board

  • There are no Marking Board applications available at this time.

Math Scholarship Score 3203

Students who write Mathematics 3200 will automatically have a Math Scholarship Score 3203 placed on their transcripts. This ensures that the overall provincial scholarship score calculated from Mathematics 3200 and Mathematics 3201 is consistent for both courses. The student's Math Scholarship Score 3203 is based on a scale derived from the 3200 students' examination result. It has no credit value and it will be used in the calculation of the overall provincial scholarship score for graduating students. The higher of the two grades reflected on a student's transcript for Mathematics Scholarship Score 3203 or Mathematics 3200 will also be used by Memorial University to satisfy the grade 12 Mathematics subject area requirement and calculate the student's entrance average. Note: The actual Math 3200 score will be used to determine satisfaction of prerequisite requirements for mathematics courses.

Public Exam Rereads

If a student is not satisfied with the mark they have received in any public exam course, they may request a re-read. There is a non-refundable fee for this of $10. The higher of the two marks will be used to determine the final mark. The deadline for requesting a re-read (when available) will be contained on the published application for re-read.

  • There are no Rereads available at this time.

Supplementary Exams / Examens de reprise

Students who have had their June exams deferred or who wish to improve their marks can write supplementary exams in early August. Some courses may also be eligible for a supplementary exam in November. Students can also request a re-read of the supplementary exam within the timelines published on the application for re-read. The highest of all marks is the one used to determine the final mark.

Supplementary Exam Applications

Please note that the registration window for November 2018 Supplementary Exams has now closed. Due to the expanded schedule and our inability to mail additional exams to sites beyond the registration mail out, late registrations and walk-ins cannot be accepted. Students who have registered for an exam are reminded that you MUST bring along a Photo ID to the respective exam site.


Other Public Exam Resources

Please fax completed registration forms to 729-0611 or mail to address below:

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
High School Certification
P.O. Box 8700
St. John's, NL
A1B 4J6

Public exams are written in June of each year in the following Level III courses:

  • Biology 3201
  • Biologie 3231
  • Chemistry 3202
  • Chimie 3239
  • Earth Systems 3209
  • English 3201
  • Français 3202
  • Histoire mondiale 3231
  • Math 3200 and 3201
  • Mathématiques 3231
  • Physics 3204
  • World Geography 3202
  • World History 3201

Exams are marked by an independent marking board made up of teachers. The final mark in each of these courses is 50 per cent school mark, and 50 per cent exam marks.

Preparatory Help:

Some schools offer summer school which may include public exams courses.

The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI) provides review material and online tutoring services that can assist students with their preparation for writing provincial public examinations. Please visit the following links:

  • CDLI web site ( opens new window). Request site access as noted, or simply log in if access has already been acquired. Public exam review material is accessible in the Learning Content section of the site.
  • Tutoring in Newfoundland and Labrador web site ( opens new window). Navigate the links on the site to learn more about the services offered

Past public exams and other resources are available at


Students who require accommodations are able to use adaptations which fall under Adaptations/Accommodations Policy PDF PDF (185 KB) outlined by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Schools submit the application PDF (285 KB), or the application for ESL supportPDF (207 KB) on behalf of the student, to their school district.

Les élèves qui ont besoin d'accommodements peuvent utiliser les adaptations qui sont inclus dans le document Adaptations/Accommodations PolicyPDF (119 KB) présenté par le ministère de l'éducation et du Développement de la petite enfance. Le formulaire applicationPDF (137 KB) doit être soumis par l'école pour chaque élève au Conseil scolaire francophone provincial.

Private candidates:

Students who are not currently attending high school (private candidates) must register with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in order to write public exams. The private candidate registration form can be found above.

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