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Annual General Return Introduction

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is now providing the capability for all schools to report their AGR information electronically using the Student Records & Certification System (SRCS) on the Web. This system is currently being used for student registrations and marks submission.



For some 30 years, schools have completed a paper form called the annual general return to report school level information to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development as of the last school day in September. This includes such information as enrolment by grade by gender, enrolment by age by gender, number of special education students by category and French enrolment. The paper AGR requires schools to spend time counting and aggregating information at the school level.

Over the past number of years many schools have implemented school administration systems to manage and store student information. Building on those systems, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has developed an automated mechanism that will allow schools to extract information from their administration systems and submit this information electronically to the department. This will replace the need to complete the paper version of the AGR.

In 2002-03, the first phase of the electronic AGR was implemented. This involved the elimination of the high school insert from the paper AGR. This information is now captured electronically through the student course registration process. The high school insert was a substantial portion of the AGR. It was very time consuming for schools to complete and represented approximately 25% of the keying requirements of the AGR.

By using information already entered in your school administration system, completing the AGR should be a much more streamlined process.

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All schools will be provided a userid and password to report information electronically for high school students and course registration, marks and AGR. Detailed instruction can be found in a secure area when you access the School Records and Certification System. Account information for this system is made available individually at the beginning of the school year.

Schools are able to report the AGR electronically. For schools having an automated administration system, the process will involve completing some online data entry screens as well as submitting school and student files in much the same way as student course registrations are provided to the department. By using information already entered in your school administration system, completing the AGR should be a much more streamlined process.

Therefore, it is crucial that your school administration system be updated and contain all necessary information prior to the September AGR deadline.

Once you have submitted your AGR successfully, it will be reviewed and approved by the assistant director of programs at the school district office. Both of these methods have edit checks and error reports to help schools provide accurate information at the time of submission. Once further edit checks are completed at the department, schools and school districts will be able to view and verify information. It will be possible to print a paper copy of the AGR from the AGR help page in preparation for entering data using the online screens.

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Should there be any questions prior to or during the completion of your AGR, please send an email to or contact Cecila Converse at 729-2272.

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